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Fascial distortion model

Patients as experts of their complaints

and navigators to successful therapy

Comprehensive medical approach

​Personalized therapy for pain, functional limitations and other complaints

If you're in search of complimentary treatment options for your symptoms and feeling frustrated due to the absence of concrete and lasting relief, considering this holistic approach could be beneficial.

Viewing your concerns from multiple angles can be crucial, leading to a diagnostic and therapeutic strategy that is both uniquely tailored to you and marked by innovation.

In our experience, we provide a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary array of diagnostic and treatment options designed to effectively address a variety of complaint patterns, functional deficits, and pain conditions.

Typically, it's possible to see a notable improvement in functionality and a reduction in pain from the very first session.

With a comprehensive therapeutic approach to success

It's crucial to understand that similar complaint patterns can originate from a wide range of causes—whether structural-functional, system-physiological, or neurological-emotional.

In my experience, I've found that structural (mechanical) problems can usually be resolved through manual therapy methods, including various manipulation techniques. This approach often allows for a significant reduction, or in many cases, a complete elimination of the need for medication commonly used in pain therapy.

When manual therapy alone does not suffice, a range of individually tailored treatment strategies can be deployed.

For system-physiological issues, which may present similarly to structural problems, strategies such as searching for interference fields (e.g., dental lesions), making dietary changes, modifying lifestyle habits, conducting heavy metal testing and removal, or the targeted supplementation of micronutrients can be effective.


This method can release the body from its regulatory stiffness, thereby allowing it to respond anew to mechanical therapeutic interventions.

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